fall 2019 subscription Details

Below is an overview of what you will receive each week as a member of the Maranatha Greens Fall CSA, which starts September 29th, 2019. Our produce is typically harvested just 24-48 hours prior to you receiving it at one of our delivery locations.

We currently have weekly deliveries available in Slaughter, Central, and throughout Baton Rouge. Call Charles at 225-615-6178 if you have any questions based on your location.

Small Share (from $16/week)

For those of you who love farm-fresh produce but are new to the CSA model, you may want to go with the SMALL SHARE.  It has been designed for individuals or smaller families who mainly use their veggies in cooked recipes and salads.  You will receive five different types of vegetables each week (or every other week) along with instruction on how to prepare and store each item so you can get the most benefit out of your membership.

Full Share (from $25/week)

For those families who want to consume larger amounts of fresh veggies each day, you may want to select the FULL SHARE.  It will offer you the greatest variety of vegetables - at least seven to nine different types each week (or every other week) - with the added value of our website and weekly emails teaching you the ways in which you can use and store each item. 

Bi-weekly shares are now available!

For our Fall CSA subscriptions, starting September 29th, 2019, we will be offering two new plans in addition to our weekly small and full shares. Our new bi-weekly small and full share plans allow you to participate in the Summer CSA every other week. This may work best for those of you who take your time in using your CSA veggies, and would rather wait an extra week between shares.

Bi-weekly plans will receive produce five times during the 10 week season.